13921 Vanowen St., Van Nuys

These three little contiguous flats were built by W. P. Short in the fall of ’48. The house in back was constructed in 1954. The continued abhorrence of anything lo-slung and lo-density requires these be replaced with, as you might imagine, vastly increased height and density, and because density proponents will tell you this is… Continue reading 13921 Vanowen St., Van Nuys

3755 S. Canfield Ave., Palms

This two-story six-unit apartment building was designed by engineer J. Doherty in the spring of 1962, and will be gone soon, which is a shame, as there aren’t a whole lot left in area that reek so of 1962. They’re building four stories but only adding two units? Must be some capacious apartments.

1844 N Alexandria Ave.

This handsome Los Feliz house was built in 1912. She needs a little love, but don’t we all? Like my aunt Gladys, nothing a coat of paint can’t fix. Plus she hasn’t been stuccoed, the windows are original, and the porch hasn’t been enclosed. And dig those dramatic gables. Bonus factoid: First Lieutenant Dale C.… Continue reading 1844 N Alexandria Ave.

The Blog is Changing a Bit

Not that I don’t love scribbling the overwrought vitriolic screed but the problem is those things take time. And the problem is, I’ve got this other architectural/ social history to write, and a publisher who’s after me to finish it, so it behooves me to spend my time making that deadline. The content of this… Continue reading The Blog is Changing a Bit

On Another Note

When the people of Budapest have a piece of Soviet-era architecture, like Kossuth Square 4-6 (Béla Pintér, 1972), which they deem…inappropriate, especially in a landscape as great as Kossuth Square, they remodel it, so it may reflect the regional consciousness. When the people of Los Angeles, when presented with something as simple and culture-defining as… Continue reading On Another Note

Too Ugly for a YIMBY?!

I was on the Facebook GrowLA page last week and came across something that made me ask, can a developer make a building so ugly even a YIMBY can’t love it? (Roughly analogous to the old test o’ faith can God make a rock so heavy even He can’t lift it?) And the answer, apparently,… Continue reading Too Ugly for a YIMBY?!

Magnolia Update

I had based my tale of 1238 on the application at Planning for the 36-unit that was being plopped on the site; the demo permit I linked to in the text was issued back in July. Was contacted by an area resident to inform me the house was already gone. And its wonderful neighbor reduced… Continue reading Magnolia Update