4629-4651 W. Maubert Ave.

Here’s something that came over the transom, not in the form of some Planning Department notice, but via social media. The properties in question are three apartment buildings at 4629-4651 West Maubert Avenue: Five matching sets of flats, 4613-4615 W. Maubert, were designed and built in the spring of 1920 by developers Wright & Hogan.… Continue reading 4629-4651 W. Maubert Ave.

1529 N. Winona Blvd

Just a quick post, didn’t want this gorgeous 1913 G. L. Synder-designed Hollywood home to fly under the radar. Tearing this down and building a three story building is, literally, intended to conserve the scale of the existing neighborhood:

933 S. Gramercy Pl.

This seven-room, 1,840sf Craftsman bungalow was built in the spring of 1912, in the Country Club Park tract, by the contracting team of Peter J. Schulte & William J. Wisler. Wisler was the owner. There are precious few Craftsmans left in this part of the world; they’ve been nearly exterminated east of Wilton. It is… Continue reading 933 S. Gramercy Pl.

361 N. Citrus Ave.

I get it.  We have private property rights.  If I have the money to outbid a museum to buy a Tintoretto or an Edward Hopper, and then go home and toss it in the fireplace, more power to me.  If there’s a grove of old-growth trees, some sylvan forest producing shade and oxegyn, where children have froliced in… Continue reading 361 N. Citrus Ave.