The House of Spirits

In February 1958, one Mr. Norman Leibow bought Carmen’s Garage (U. J. Gray, 1924) at 1314 Echo Park Avenue. Leibow tore off the front thirty feet facing Echo Park and rebuilt it, converting the whole works into the House of Spirits. To advertise his new venture, Leibow called up Mueller Brothers Neon Company of 1229… Continue reading The House of Spirits

And We’re Back!

We launched and were going gangbusters there for a little while, when all went dark…because the City of Los Angeles decided to halt all demolitions, making this blog obsolete! (Well, maybe not. I just had to go do some dumb things and get them out of the way. Trust me, there’s plenty to talk about.… Continue reading And We’re Back!

371 N. St. Andrews Update

Well, this is how we learn. R.I.P. Los Angeles is not an exact science, yet. In my defense, the blog was in its infancy when I posted that 371 North St. Andrews Place was not long for this world; I had the Planning Dept info on that corner and I found no demolition permit on… Continue reading 371 N. St. Andrews Update


Los Angeles was sold to me, as she had been to countless others, on the booster’s promise of light and air and orange trees. That I would move here and live in a charming little Spanish stucco fourplex until such time as I’d be able to get a house in the ‘burbs with a yard… Continue reading Greetings