The Cranky Preservationist meets The L.A. Preservation Imp (episode 21)

Architectural historian Nathan Marsak loves Los Angeles, and hates to see important buildings neglected and abused, whether by slumlord owners or the savage public. Follow him on his urban adventures as he sees something that looks like crap, opens his yap and spontaneously lets you know exactly why this place matters.

Episode 21 finds Nathan in an obscure corner of Ernest Batchelder’s 1914 Dutch Chocolate Shop in Downtown Los Angeles, researching the stylistic differences between the tile master’s catalog output, and the cute doggies that appear in the landmark’s custom murals.

But wait! What is this mysterious casket wedged between the wall and the south mural? And what strange creature pops out to make its strong feelings about historic preservation in Los Angeles known?! It is a pal, sidekick and uncanny foil for the Cranky Preservationist, and we think you’ll be seeing quite a bit more of the L.A. Preservation Imp. So tune in and say hi… if you dare!

If you like these Cranky Preservationist videos, you’ll probably like Nathan’s R.I.P. Los Angeles blog, too, so check it out!

Where will the Cranky Preservationist turn up next? Stay tuned!

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