We launched and were going gangbusters there for a little while, when all went dark…because the City of Los Angeles decided to halt all demolitions, making this blog obsolete!

(Well, maybe not. I just had to go do some dumb things and get them out of the way. Trust me, there’s plenty to talk about. )

So while I prepare today’s post, let me toss this out there: if you’re not familiar with Senate Bill 330, you might want to read this assessment by the LAC. Then, should you be so moved, sign the petition to Governor Newsom (I know, that guy) asking him not to support the bill unless it includes safeguards for historic preservation.

Then come back here later this afternoon for some pix of a 1917 Colonial in Country Club Park…*

*…which’ll have to wait till tomorrow. I got all worked up about House of Spirits.